The four sectors that show a promising future and are currently growing at a fast pace construction, accommodation and food services, professional services, and healthcare.

All these four sectors have collectively generated 50000 new jobs and a 1.4percent increase in the annual payroll.

You will now understand in detail about these four sectors separately, 


There was an increase of 3.4 percent in the annual payroll from 2010 to 2015 in the construction sector due to the increase in the residential and industrial projects. But, in the recent months,the recruitment has reduced due to a reduction in the number of projects. But, talking about the future, you can definitely consider the field of construction as something which has a great scope because the number of infrastructure projects will surely increase.

Accommodation and food services

The main reason for the boost in the logistics industry is the weakening of the dollar due to which more foreigners are entering Canada thus improving the state of the tourism industry. Also, the hike in the yearly payrolls has given freedom to the people to spend more on food. The decrease in the gas prices has also encouraged people to spend more on food expenses.


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