Good news has reached us. The government of Canada has made it clear that visitors have up to February 28, 2022, to get the work permits. The decision has been made while putting the corona virus-related measures into consideration.

Whether residing in Canada temporarily or permanently, you are free to apply for employer-specific work permits in Canada. The application has been open from August 24, 2020. But you must have a valid visitor’s status to proceed with the application.

Under normal circumstances, as a foreign employee living in Canada on a visitor’s visa, you cannot change your status without leaving the country. These regulatory changes are, therefore, temporary.

The Corona pandemic hit so hard, and it affected everyone immensely. Therefore, the Canadian government saw it wise to assist the employer get workers by connecting them to foreign employees. The pandemic prohibited air travel globally, making it hard for many to return to their home countries. Some foreigners were forced to change their status to “visitors” since their work permits had expired. The immigrants could not afford to get new work permits as they had lost their jobs.

The policy could let the visitors residing in Canada with temporary resident status apply for work before August 24. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has since then expanded the illegibility criteria. Currently, you can get a work permit in Canada regardless of your arrival period.

Here is all you need to know about what qualifies you to acquire an employer-specific work permit;

  • It is essential that you be living in Canada with legit temporary resident status. Your resident status should include the maintained status when you are submitting it for your work permit application.
  • You should have handed in your employer-specific work permit application
  • It is necessary that you remain in Canada with a legal status
  • Remember to submit your application before February 28, 2022

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