The policy will benefit the foreigners who have been having a legal Canadian work permit for the past 12 months. If you are one of them, feel free to apply for interim work authorization while awaiting your application.

It is wise that you continue staying in Canada under the valid temporary because your application will be invalid if you leave. Indicate that you plan to work for your employer in the job stated on your work permit application. Do not forget to finish filling an IRCC Webform.

This extension would benefit you if you were lucky to travel to Canada despite the existing strict restrictions. The travel restrictions are easing. The Canadian border reopened in August for US citizens. But on September 7, 2021, all fully vaccinated international travelers were allowed to enter Canada.

Although Canada Is ahead of many countries in various ways, the pandemic immensely affected it economically and socially. However, Canada is on the watch out and is planning to resurface and shine in all spheres. Canada is multiplying its effort to enable residents and foreigners to get jobs for economic growth.

Report from the labor market indicates that job opportunities are increasing. In June, there were a total of 815,800 job openings in Canada. This is the highest rate of the job opening, according to the statistics collected in October 2020. There are chances that the labor shortage might continue worsening, according to the recent RBC report.

Getting Started

People decide to move abroad for several reasons. But primarily, many migrate to search for a better life for themselves and their families. Canada is considered one of the best places to be for immigrants across the world. Moving to Canada will connect you with employment opportunities that will enhance your personal development. Currently, the Canadian immigration policy is allowing foreigners to have work permits. It is, therefore, time you go to Canada to enjoy a quality life and money.

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