IRCC Preparedness to Handle Anticipated Spike in Immigrant Applicants

With the projected increase in immigrants into Canada after coronavirus, IRCC aims at introducing new policies, procedures, and digital methods to handle the spike in applications. The approach intends to improve application processing through modern systems. Digital processing, for instance, wants to alleviate in-person and paper-processing by providing efficient and faster modes of processing applications. To achieve these modernization efforts, the government seeks a vendor who will do the following;

  • Develop tools and technologies essential for IRCC operational capacity to handle the surge in applications and as a substitute for manual processing.
  • Design digital tools to enhance social distancing rules by minimizing in-person interactions such as through online citizenship testing.
  • Come up with digital technology solutions to handle IRCC management systems.
  • Identify automation processing of defined processes for immigration agents to focus on more pressing matters.
  • Introduce data analytics solutions to monitor operational volumes and processing capacity for immediate responses to changes in both Canada and abroad.
  • Design methods to reinforce IRCC’s cybersecurity.

Canada Aims to Welcome Even More Foreign Nationals

The Canadian Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022 targets over one million foreign workers to enter the country in the next three years. However, the outbreak of coronavirus slowed down the 2020 Canadian immigration system austerely. Canadian immigration minister Marco Mendicino announced that the country is optimistic in welcoming more immigrants to support the economy.

As such, the immigration department has continually held Express Entry, and Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) draws processed study and work permits and immediate family entering the country. However, only online processes were ongoing, with immigration agents working from home.

That said, the new document sheds light on more temporary and permanent resident arrivals likely to jet into the country after the global pandemic. The figures are anticipated to surpass the record number witnessed before the start of the epidemic. Immigrants, international students, and foreign workers are the targeted groups to enter Canada.

With IRCC seeking modernized immigration systems, more immigrants are to get approved to live in Canada. Conversely, application processing is projected to become efficient and fast as the IRCC will accommodate more foreign nationals at a go.

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