One of the best ways for finding employment is through an online recruitment site. Job seekers all over the world are able to connect with employers everywhere, and apply for employment vacancies. Using an online recruitment site isn’t hard. Here is a basic guide to performing a job search through these types of sites:

It’s important to thoroughly complete registration. You’ll need to enter basic personal information, as well as any details about where you wish to work, and what industry you are looking for employment with. Once registration is complete, a confirmation email is sent that allows your account to be activated.

Once your account is confirmed, you’ll have the ability to browse employment listings and apply for various positions. However, your search won’t be productive if your profile isn’t completely filled out. Be sure to upload a photo, and indicate your career level and experience in your job seeker profile.

cv_builderThe CV Builder is a common tool on most recruitment websites. This tool enables you to create a CV fast, and easy. You’ll input relevant information such as skills, education, experience, and other important details into the tool to obtain a professional looking CV. Once your CV is completed, you’ll be able to share it with potential employers. Most job seeker sites allow you to save several versions of your CV to allow you to focus on various types of positions.

Most recruitment sites allow you to copy and paste or upload a cover letter to include with a CV. Don’t neglect this opportunity to highlight skills and experiences you have that relate to a specific job. Most sites also allow multiple cover letter options so you can tailor your cover letter to a specific vacancy.

Once you have a professional CV and cover letter, you’re ready for your job search. You can search according to industry type and location in order to narrow down the types of vacancies you’re shown. Advance features in searches are often available that will allow you to specify salary options, start dates, and additional preferences