Who doesn’t need a haircut once in a while? This explains why one of the most popular old time jobs have made such a robust comeback. Unlike the earlier times, hairdressers have adopted new styling techniques to attract customers. The demand for trendy hairstyles have skyrocketed in the past few years which makes this career a lucrative opportunity for many who love the job. Moreover, barbers have the advantage of setting their own time and pace while running their own business.


We all need cloths adjusted and tailor-made just to enhance our appearance. No doubt, high end fashion clothing has taken the market by storm, but there are still many who love a three piece suit tailor made to perfection. This is one job that will be around for many decades. Apart from that, it offers job security and a decent pay.


Another promising career that has made a comeback in Canada is bartending. It is considered to be a lucrative opportunity by the modern youngsters. It is an opportunity to explore your creativity and skills while serving customers. There has been a sharp rise in the number of bartenders in Canada in the past several years. This means that bartender is a career path that is in great demand in the present scenario.

Cabinet maker

Handmade items are always held in high esteem since ages. Even today, the fad for cabinet makers has ceased to diminish due to many reasons. Home owners prefer to use customized cabinets that enhance the overall appearance of their homes. The age old trade has made a comeback in Canada with a large demand for cabinet makers in Ontario. Although it is male-dominated field of work, the rate of growth of employment is increasing at a steady pace since the last decade.


Another old time job that has made a comeback in Canada is the job of a seamstress. Quite similar to the tailors, seamstresses are in great demand in Canada. According to the recent statistics, more than 10,000 new seamstresses have joined the workforce. There is a moderate growth of employment in this field with a large section of people retiring from the current workforce.

Apart from these seven old time jobs, there are several other occupations that have made a robust comeback in Canada.

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