Canada is still determined to offer international students a chance to advance their knowledge despite the pandemic. For this case, they have, they have set up some major policy reforms to keep students and their facilitators coronavirus-free. The reforms include a two-step study permit process that reassures international students to initiate their studies overseas this summer.

International students enrolling in online classes while oversees but still retain a chance to work in Canada under a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) post coronavirus.

Am I Eligible?

The immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada have successfully reviewed every applicant’s acceptance letter from DLIs. To be eligible, an applicant should prove the financial capability to support themselves and their studies without being a bother. The first stage has already kicked off, with 5600 international students being approved for study.

When the international student can finally travel to Canada, they will commence on the second stage of permit approval. Their eligibility for this face depends on their ability to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A complete medical exam
  • A full criminal background check
  • Their biometrics

Mendicino confirms that Canada is persistent in welcoming thousands of students, immigrants, and new talent into Canada. According to him, immigration offers a significant boost to the Canadian economy, which has been successful in the past few years. He made these announcements and remarks during a webinar hosted by the Canadian International Council (CIC). CIC’s primary goal is to speak unity to Canadians as they explore foreign affairs the related issues.

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