As the problem of labour shortage continues to grow in Canada, the country is also witnessing an immense shoot up in job vacancies. It’s ironic that labour shortage has hit Canada at a time when the country has recorded its lowest unemployment rate since 1976. Canada’s economy is growing, but there is a huge shortage of skilled labour in the country. British Colombia has been hit hardest by the labour shortage in Canada, with approximately one in its 25 jobs seats being vacant, that is 60,100 unfilled jobs in total. Quebec is also not far behind with a job vacancy rate of 3.1 per cent. CFIB’s (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) latest report also clearly states that Canada doesn’t have sufficient workers to fill in all the job vacancies available in the nation.

  • Disparity Between Available Labour Force And Type Of Job Opportunities In Canada

Despite so many empty job seats waiting to be filled, there are still more than 1.1 million people unemployed in Canada. One of the main reasons for this current situation of Canada is the mismatch between the country’s present labour force and the type of jobs created. Small businesses are likely to suffer the most at the onset of this current labour shortage problem in Canada, as even if they miss out one person from their team, it extensively affects their productivity levels. On the flip side of this scenario, employees suitable for positions in these sectors are likely to benefit from this situation with higher wages.

  • Occupations With Highest Vacancy Rates In Canada

As per the latest report of CFIB, the highest demand for labour force in Canada is for personal service workers and construction workers. Where the posts of personal service workers in Canada have a vacancy rate of 4.5 per cent, construction workers are required at a vacancy rate of 3.7 per cent, leaving factories desperate for skilled workers. Apart from these, Canada is also facing a shortage of healthcare professionals, truck drivers, and industrial technicians to a great extent, as employers are unable to find suitable candidates for these posts.

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