• Can Labour Mobility Solve Labour Shortage Issues In Canada?

Labour mobility can be one of the most effective solutions for the labour shortage problem in Canada. Labour mobility helps pulling resources from one place to another to balance the division of efficient labour in the nation for better and prolonged sustenance of businesses. But, with a fall in interprovincial migration in Canada by half since the 1970’s, it is clear that Canadians are quite far from being a mobile labour force.

The data findings from Statistics Canada proves that the present generation of Canadian nationals are unwilling to move away from their families and social circles for work purposes. But this situation can be improved too, if migration policies are made to me more relaxed and easy for the Canadian nationals. For example, the government can work on setting new certifications that allow licensed professionals to be accredited in any of the provinces in the country.

As more and more people are getting retired in different job sectors that require special skills, industries are facing difficulties to find replacements for their skills. In this scenario, it is expected from the federal and provincial governments to take some steps to improve the current status of technology in these sectors and attract the current generation to find a living through them. Unless and until there is no help from the government, the situation of job vacancies in Canada wouldn’t get any better.

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