This poll could not have come at a better time since it gives a clear picture of what the ordinary citizens feel about the Government plans to welcome more foreign nationals into the country. It comes at a time when the country prepares to vote in the 21st October 2019 Federal elections. It captures the mood of the country.
In the recent past, the issue of foreign nationals migrating to Canada hasn’t been a hot topic. However, it could be the turning point for the country as the six political parties in Canada prepare for an epic political battle in the upcoming elections.

Justin Trudeau, who has been the country’s prime minister since 2015, is gearing up for a second term. He has been the force behind the push to increase the number of people migrating to Canada under his liberal Government. The increase in figures has made other parties to take note and is going to be a campaign topic until when the elections are held.
The figure of new immigrants has been growing steadily over the years. Between 2018 and 2019, the figure has increased by 21000. The projections post a positive outlook, with the number expected to rise to an impressive 341,000 by the year 2020. By 2021, there is a projection of 350,000 newcomers migrating to Canada.

The polls show that Mr. Justin Trudeau is way ahead of his most significant opponent Mr. Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party of Canada. Other contestants such as the New Democratic Party, People’s Party of Canada, the Green party of Canada and the Bloc Québécois are all trailing behind.

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