Canada is home to over 1,700 listed waterfalls with several yet to be officially charted. To tell the truth, it is difficult to determine the best out of this list based on the height and volume of water spills. Every water fall has its own heavenly features. Their pristine locations, coupled with their stunning surrounding makes choosing one over the other a very challenging task. Some are open and viewed from different angles, while others need hiking to explore their natural beauty.

Here’s a list of the top ten waterfalls in Canada that made to my list.

1. Niagara Falls

With a height of over 50 meters, Niagara Falls is an international tourism destination flocked by nature lovers from all over the world. Niagara Falls comprises of three unique water falls, of which can be viewed from the United States border and others from Canada. Though Niagara Falls id not the longest water falls in Canada, it’s unbelievable wide. The one you can see from Canadian side is known as the Horseshoe Falls. It is 790 meters by width making it the largest of the three falls, which collectively form Niagara Falls. Visitors can enjoy exceptional hotels, restaurants, and cheesy attractions in the town nearby. You can explore the fall in different ways by either going down the elevator or through a tunnel for a remarkable view.

2. Virginia Falls

Another impressive flow of water that is twice the height of Niagara Falls is Virginia Falls, located northwest of Territories, north to Nahanni Park Reserve. It is a single drop waterfall that can be viewed from the base for those willing to paddle or raft. You can also use a floatplane to explore the fall from the skies.

3. Della Falls

Della Falls is the highest falls in Canada, dropping at an incredible 440 meters. It is located in the attractive Vancouver Island but challenging to access. For visitors, booking a water taxi, canoe, or kayak from Great Central Lake in Strathcona Provisional Park is the best way to the park. There is also a trail about 29 kilometers trekking length to the waterfall.

4. Kakabeka Falls

Located at Kakabeka Falls Provisional Park is the magnificent Kakabeka Falls west of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It the second highest waterfall in the province, dropping 40 meters into the gorge. It is easily accessed from the highway but to enjoy the natural beauty of the fall, it’s best if you follow the boardwalk trail.

5. Shannon Falls

On your way to Whistler, a short distance from Vancouver lies Shannon Falls with a height of 335-meters. The fall can be viewed from three points; the Sea to Sky Highway, Shannon Fall Provisional Park, and hike to Upper Shannon Falls. With either way to the waterfall, the experience is pretty special.

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