6. Athabasca Falls

Standing at just 23 meters, Athabasca Falls holds a stupefying water volume than any other fall in Canada. That immensely gargantuan amounts of water is all sourced from the vast Athabasca River. There is a short trail less than kilometers, straight, paved, and well-maintained, leading to the fall.

7. Pissing Mare Falls

Also referred to as Cascade Pissing Made, Pissing Mare is another beautiful waterfall located in Gross Morne National Park, Newfoundland, at Western Brook Pond. Other attractive features include its lush and rugged natural environment often viewed through the fjord with a boat ride.

8. Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls is the second largest waterfall in Canada, with water falling from the height of over 300 meters. It is a glacier-fed and narrow waterfall located in the striking Yoho National Park of BC. Catch a glimpse of the waterfall from the winding road or hike through a paved trail to explore the wonders it presents.

9. Helmcken Falls

Continue through the eight-kilometer Rim Trail in British Columbia’s Cariboo Mountains to get to the impressive Helmcken Falls. It is among the top features of the Wells Gray Provisional Park with various spectacular views for visitors. Spring is often the best time to visit, but winter also offers a stunning view of ice formations.

10. Montmorency Falls

Commonly referred to as Chute-Montmorency, Montmorency Falls are Quebec’s majestic waterfall fed by Montmorency River and stands at over 83-meters high. It sits at Montmorency Park, which houses numerous attractions for visitors. The waterfall is accessed through a wooden staircase with several viewpoints with a suspension bridge at the top. There is also a cable car and a Via Ferrets standpoints to enjoy the fall.

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