The Perfect Guide to Applying for an Australian VISA

A VISA application needs many formalities and steps to be completed in an orderly manner. Filling out forms, paying fees, and fulfilling other criteria in the correct procedure are of paramount importance.

This is a comprehensive guide that will inform you about the important things that you must know when applying for an Australian VISA. Remember, the slightest mistake could delay, cancel or prolong the process. Therefore, take every step with care and caution.

Application and approval of the VISA

If you are applying for an Australian VISA from overseas, you are required to be outside Australia during the decision making process. However, if the application is made Australia, your presence in the continent is mandatory. If you have applied for an Australian VISA in the country, you must ensure that your return VISA is ready or it could lead to complications if your application does not get approved. Generally, a bridging VISA is granted to candidates to legalize their stay within the country until the application has been approved.

Migration VISA: If you are applying for Migration to Australia, you must complete all the required formalities for a permanent stay in the country.  The applications, fees, and documents must be sent to a DIMIA office or an Australian mission overseas.

Visitor’s VISA: In case of visitor’s VISA, the decision is taken during the waiting period. If your VISA is rejected, you will receive a notice of refusal and if it is granted, it will be labeled on your passport.

Other VISAs: in case of every kind of VISA apart from Visitors and Migration VISA, if it gets refused, you will be notified by a letter. The letter will contain details about why your application was not accepted, if you can apply again, the time limit for the next application and other relevant information.

Important points to note down while filling out the application form

  • Mention the class under which your VISA should be made. Your application cannot be processed until your choice of class has been specified in your application form.
  • If your family members are applying at the same time as you, can apply together with you. In such cases, the fee needs to be paid only once for the entire family’s application. If a child is born during the time of the application, he or she can be included in the parents’ application. For certain cases and under specific circumstances, a dependent child or spouse may be added to the application.

  • While your VISA is being processed, if you want to travel to or from Australia, you must relay the information to DIMIA. In case you fail to do that, your VISA might get refused due to being in the wrong location at that particular time. Hence, always make sure that you are well informed about the rules that apply to a VISA application processing.

Extensions and Restrictions

 If you plan on staying for an extended period of time even after the term granted by the VISA, you must apply for another VISA before the current one expires. In case you fail to meet the time limit and your stay in Australia is not granted by a VISA, you will be charged, fined and punished for crime.

Illegal stay in Australia is a punishable offense which could result in 6 months jail time or you could be deported. If you are deported, you may not be allowed to enter Australia for about 1 to 3 years.

If you want to change the status of your VISA, you need to apply again from overseas.