As the year ends, Canada’s immigration system is set to handle more submissions than usual. 2020 has been an eventful one, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that IRCC is set to have a busy ending. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada is hoping to hold Express Entry draws throughout the festive season, perhaps to make up for the lost time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In previous years, IRCC held no more than two draws in December due to the festivities. This year, however, Provincial Nominee Program activities are set to go hand in hand with December’s holiday celebrations.

Even though Christmas day is recognized as one of Canada’s nationwide statutory holidays, it’s understandable that IRCC keeps up with the draws.

In addition to Express Entry draws, there is news about upcoming mandate letters for the country’s Parents and Grandparents Program, ministers, and additional immigration pathways for temporary foreign workers and international students.

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New Mandate Letter for Minister Marco Mendicino

Topping the list is news on Canada’s Prime Minister-Justin Trudeau-who is set to issue mandate letters to his ministers before Christmas festivities. The letters would stipulate the policy objectives that each minister is to accomplish.

Mandate letters are usually made public to ensure that government officers are held accountable by the citizens. A letter to Canada’s immigration minister-Marco Mendicino-is set to provide detailed guidelines on the government’s agenda concerning immigration and issuance of permanent residents to foreigners.

It’s expected that it should also cover the criteria IRCC should follow to ensure that the immigration system fully recovers after the coronavirus pandemic. Mendicino is responsible for overseeing the operation of IRCC at the provincial level, as well as facilitating operations with all immigration stakeholders.

He is to ensure that Canada’s immigration department prioritizes implementing the 2021-2023 immigration levels plan. This plan includes discussing new initiatives such as removing Canadian citizenship fees and the operation of the Municipal Nominee Program.

PNP Draws for All Canadian Provinces

All Canadian provinces are expected to conduct the Provincial Nominee Program draws throughout the month of December. Unlike the Express Entry draw, it’s not uncommon to see PNP activities up until the 25th of December.

B.C is expected to have weekly draws that invite candidates through the Tech Pilot.

Prince Edward Island has also scheduled a PNP draw for the 17th of December that’s likely for Express Entry, Labour Impact, and Business Impact streams.

Ontario, a popular destination for immigrants, has 386 nominations left for the province’s annual allocation. They recently just received an additional 250 nominations for temporary foreign workers as well.

Other provinces that are also set to hold draws include Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. This conclusion has been arrived at based on the provinces’ PNP activities from previous years.

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