If you are a holder of the Work Holiday Visa and come from a designated territory, you are required to redo a medical examination. An Immigration official will contact all those individuals requiring their medical examinations to be redone to ask for their consent for another test. Upon confirmation for another medical test, a request for a new examination is submitted after reopening your file. Your LOI extension becomes successful upon receipt, and proof of your medical is confirmed.

A LOI extension can be allowed without a new medical test if you contain a job offer IME in an active and valid designated occupation. Alternatively, you can benefit from this service if your stay period is less than six consecutive months in the selected state before requesting for LOI extension. The last alternative entails an individual decision not to reactivate the medical examination.

LOI Extensions Decisions

Each case is utilized individually in the granting of LOI extensions at the immigration officer’s discretion. The applicability of the LOI extension lasts for twelve months if approved from the processing date of the application or the current LOI’s expiration date.

Required Participants for Temporary resident visa (TRV)

Those immigrants who obtain LOI extension and are TRV participants will have their requests submitted for stubs reissuing and processing by the International Network as required.

Notably, a valid and active job offer is vital proof the participants of Working Holiday Visas must show to gain entry into Canada.

In this instance, you will receive a standardized response letter since there will be no further issuance of a new LOI. In addition, an extended date of validity and a new TRV are mandatory in some instances. All participants are reminded by IRCC to carry the letter everywhere they go within Canada because different relevant authorities can require it for identification.

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