Canadian Workers’ Rights

In Canada, new immigrants have various vital entitlements. For starters, they are entitled to receive information about workers’ rights from their employers.

They should also receive job training and reasonable healthcare services. Canadian newcomers are entitled to a signed copy of their employment agreement, which clearly states pay for the job and explicitly states the terms of overtime work.

Moreover, employers cannot mistreat employees in any way. IRCC guidelines define employee mistreatment in a variety of ways. They include but are not limited to:

  • Compelling workers to do dangerous or unauthorized work contrary to the employment agreement
  • Obliging employees to work if they are ill or injured
  • Forcing employees who do not have overtime work in their employment agreement to work overtime
  • Forcefully taking a worker’s passport or work permit

Under the Canada Labour Code, Canadian employers have a “duty to accommodate” meaning they must change an employee’s work environment or responsibilities to avoid discrimination and allow them to do their jobs.

According to the Canadian Human Rights Act, there are 11 recognized grounds for discrimination like sex, age, race, marital status, and disability.

Reporting Issues In The Workplace

Canada has several avenues where newcomers can report issues in the workplace. However, the method of reporting depends on the issue.

Employees can contact the employment standards office in their province/territory for assistance if they feel their compensation is inadequate, they are receiving unfair treatment, or their employment agreement is being dishonored.

Employees can report to the appropriate provincial/territorial workplace health and safety office if working conditions are unsafe. The same applies to employees who are injured or fall ill due to their work.

Employees who fall sick or are injured on the job may apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

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