Canada had a record-high population growth of 1,050,110 people between January 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023. The rise marked the highest population growth rate in Canada for 65 years (in 1957).

To put it into perspective, if Canada’s population were to continue growing at the same rate, the country’s population would double in about 26 years.

Canada’s population was estimated to be about 40 million as of January 1st 2023.

Canada’s dramatic population explosion was primarily due to the post-war baby boom and refugee crisis due to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. However, last year’s population growth was almost entirely because of intentional immigration.

Understanding Canada’s Record-High Population Growth

It is essential to understand Canada’s record-high population growth in 2022. The drastic growth was caused by temporary immigration into the country.

The country saw its population of non-permanent residents increase by roughly 607,782 people. The increase in temporary residents was another single-year record for the country.

According to the data, the population increase was spread all over the country as all provinces and territories saw growth in the number of temporary residents, work & study permits, and asylum claims.

With over 437,000 welcomed in 2022, Canada also set the record for the highest number of immigrants accepted in one year.

That makes two single-year records for total immigration and non-permanent residents. The two are a result of a deliberate effort by the Canadian government to resolve labor shortages in the country.

Canada is currently experiencing high vacancy rates and unemployment rates. The government of Canada is hence welcoming record-high levels of immigrants to meet the challenges in the Canadian labour market caused by the country’s aging population and low birth rates.

The record-setting year is an almost direct response to the government setting all-time high immigration targets. The country also had a record breaking year as it pertains to the processing of immigration applications.

How Immigration Contributed To Canada’s 2022 Population Boom

It is vital to break down how immigration led to Canada’s population boom in 2022. The immigration department brought three main groups of people from all over the world into the country in 2022. They include permanent residents, international students, and foreign skilled workers.

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