The Impact of COVID-19 To Immigrant Source Countries

The COVID-19 pandemic halted nearly all international activities and functions of governments and service providers across industries. The Canadian immigration sector was not spared, especially with the immigrants already welcomed into the country in 2020. With the target seem unachievable in 2020, source countries are anticipated to be hugely affected.

Currently, the global outbreak of the virus has already affected Canadian immigration, with the lowest figures recorded in 2020 since World War II. In turn, migration distribution is likely to decrease due to the impact to source immigrant countries in the remaining months of the year.

Conversely, there are chances that COVID-19 may have little or no impact on the immigrant source countries. That is, the foreign workers from the source countries who received the P.R. status later in 2020 were already in Canada, those still in their countries will eventually travel to Canada, and the regular invitations to apply for the much needed permanent resident status since the outbreak of Covid-19 are still going to individuals from these top source countries.

Despite the effect of travel restriction in Canada and around the globe, interested candidates need to apply or submit their Express Entry profiles for a chance to receive an invitation to apply, get approval for P.R., or migrate to Canada as you as the travel restrictions are lifted. What’s more, if an applicant faces some challenges, IRCC is more lenient and ready to help as many people as possible achieve their goals to move and work in Canada.

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