Why India and US Continue to Lead the Board

India has remained the leading country over the years due to its middle-class population being fluent English speakers, has a high level of education, work experience, and skills needed for specific professions. IRCC report shows that the following fields had the most applicants;

  • Software engineers and designers
  • Information systems analysts and consultants
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • Financial auditors and accountants
  • Administration assistants

Many Indian immigrants enter Canada with ICT-related experience, with many being former H1-B or other visa holders in the US. Again, IRCC reports indicate that about 12 percent of ITAs went to US foreign workers. With the US suspending new work visas, many Indians are likely to succeed through the Express Entry and enter Canada.

Nigeria Ranks Second

Recently, Nigerians have boomed to Canada and overtook China to rank second. Like India, Nigerian candidates are proficient in English, have a high level of education, professional in ICT, oil and gas occupations. With the wake of COVID-19, oil prices fell, while Nigeria is an oil-rich country, workers are likely to move to Canada looking for employment opportunities.

Some Percentage Lives in Canada

Forty-eight percent of ITAs went to candidates residing in Canada based on the Express Entry CRS award points. Research shows that permanent resident holders who live in Canada have the experience and can quickly integrate into the economy. With the CRS awarded based on education and work experience, immigrants with work experience in Canada and international students often get much higher points under Express Entry. Other programs that contribute to the figure include the Canadian Express Class (CEC) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Most Percentage Comes from Overseas

A significant number of ITAs come from outside Canada hence should always submit their profiles to the Express Entry. The Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada (FSWP) remains to be the leading Express Entry program comprising of 45 percent of all ITAs. However, IRCC is yet to issue ITAs to FSWP due to the pandemic potential applicants should remain hopeful. That said, Canada is expected to resume providing ITAs to migrants outside Canada soon.

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