With the digital era, online shopping has become a thing, and when it comes to online shopping, Canada is the best country to do that. Even though it is not a big country, its e-commerce market is customer-centric.

Canada mostly consists of American e-commerce countries, even though locals have a chance at experiencing the much lucrative digital space. Internet and e-commerce spaces in Canada are similar to those in the United States, even though it is just a fraction in the US digital population.

Canada is a country that has a lot of wealth and potential, and this, together with the knowledge about online shopping, make it a sophisticated country. When shopping, Canadians use both computers and mobile phones to buy different goods and services from online shops. The market in Canada is quite advanced in technology, so there is a lot of competition for online shopping.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in Canada, but that does not mean that the country does not have local stores that can share in the market. Stores such as Canadian Tire and Hudson’s Bay take a small share in the market. Etsy is a new innovative store that has been able to penetrate the market both locally and globally.

Below are the leading e-commerce platforms, as well as their monthly traffic of 2020.

10) Newegg Canada

Newegg has been in service since its commencement in 2001, in the United States. It is an online shop that deals with the retail of computer hardware and software, consumer and professional electronics from several brands. It has served both the US and Canada. In 2016, the Chinese Tech Company Liaison Interactive invested in the majority stake at Newegg, after which it announced its plan of expanding worldwide.

9) Hudson’s Bay

It is also known as The Bay. The Bay is a chain of department stores both in Canada and Netherlands. It is a developed online store that sells a variety of goods such as high-end fashion clothes, accessories, and home goods to digital customers in Canada.

8) Etsy Canada

Etsy is a marketplace that focuses on handmade products as well as items that are manufactured. Etsy allows people and companies to sell art and photography products, clothing and accessories, food, bath, and beauty products, among other things.

7) Costco Canada

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American Multinational Company that operates a chain of several warehouse clubs in Canada and ten other countries. In the Costco Website, there is a wide range of products they sell. The products include furniture, electronics, computers, jewelry, and more.

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