What to Do After Getting an Invitation from the IRCC?

The invitations that have just been sent out observe the same order as the interest to sponsor form submission process. Sending out of these invites to sponsor has been done after a rigorous review that ensures eligibility and removes any duplication is carried out by the IRCC. From April 24th, 2019 the IRCC began notifying invitees, and the process was completed on April 27th.

A complete application package must contain all the necessary supporting documents as stipulated in the invitation by the IRCC. Applications can be submitted using regular mail or courier post services which provide tracking numbers for your package. Hand deliveries are not accepted and so are non-courier services or taxi delivery companies, while the application must be packaged individually.

Race still on to a Second Round of PGP Interest to Sponsor Form Availability

If you are an interest to sponsor applicant who receives an invitation from the IRCC, you only have two months or 60 calendar days to submit the application. Be sure to attach a complete batch of supporting documents to accompany your Application to Sponsor within the set deadline. Where you submitted an interest to sponsor form but have not received an invitation from the IRCC, the form together with contact information is retained for future reference to the PGP.

There is also a possibility for the interest to sponsor form coming online again this year according to the IRCC’s website. The need for more potential sponsors arose in 2018, and the IRCC instituted the second round of invitations for ten to seventeen thousand applications. This second PGP invitation circuit was done at the end of July last year.

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