Lake Spotted, British Columbia

Spotted Lake sports great features, including therapeutic mineral merits and weird saline structures during summer, making it an excellent location that you can’t afford to miss.

Louise Lake, Alberta

Also dubbed as the Little Fishes Lake, you may need to spend an entire day here to fully take in the natural beauty of its icy waters. It has great trails such as Big Beehive, Devil’s Thumb, and Saddleback that command legendary hiking opportunities, especially when you heed insight from the locals. Multiple tracks make way for biking and horse riding; however, a canoe will take you onto the waters to enjoy grand views from a different perspective.

Lake Peyto, Alberta

Are you looking for a fantastic opportunity to capture out-of-water photos? Lake Peyto is the perfect spot. One of the excellent areas to take exclusive photos is from the highest locations on Bow Summit. Hike through any of the Bow Summit trails leading to the mountain and enjoy spectacular views from the less-visited areas.


Lake Maligne, Alberta

Thanks to its incredible coloration and glacial mountain views, this is the most photographed natural surface on the planet. It’s situated thirty miles south of the Jasper town and is the starting point of various hiking trails in Jasper Park. You can visit the Spirit Island to enjoy the summer heat or go fishing, canoeing, kayaking before the onset of winter. The canoe-access-only camping sites offer a suitable outdoor location to keep you active throughout the season.

Lake Moraine, Alberta

Although Lake Louse attracts more attention, there’s nothing more alluring than the Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. The glacial Lake resides within the Ten Peaks valley at over 1880m elevation. It’s also among the most photographed water surface in Canada and has multiple walking trails surrounding its water surface. These trails offer stunning views of the Ten Peaks valley and the Lake. Moraine Lake is also Perren Route’s starting point, which requires a ten-hour climb towards the Neil Colgan Hut.

Emerald Lake, British Columbia
If you continue exploring the British Columbia landscapes, you’ll get to Canada’s Rocky Mountains or may stumble upon the Yoho National park. Yoho refers to ‘wonder’ in Cree; thus, it will water your appetite to explore what lays out there. A visit to Yoho national park won’t be complete without taking in the remarkable views of the park’s largest Lake, Emerald lake. The Lake entails three miles of hiking trail around the water with a glut of opportunities to capture photos with a green backdrop.

Irrespective of what you intend to do, Emerald lake is a great hiking and camping location throughout the year.

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