In the list below, we focused on the top 5 Canadian cities that are among the world’s 100 best cities you can live in based on Resonance Consultancy. Resonance Consultancy is a global marketing consultancy based in British Columbia specializing in marketing and branding for developments, destinations, districts, and cities around the globe.

Did you know that global cities that qualify to be ranked need to have a population of more than one million? The order is based on and not limited to the following; safety, weather, nightlife, environment, attractions, universities, labor force participation, and GDP.

London is the leading city you can live in globally and has retained its position over the last seven years. London ranks high in terms of its global investment, luxury real estate, and thriving tourism and nightlife. We established that these are areas Toronto can learn from! Moscow took the 4th position in 2022 but was omitted entirely in the 2023 list, just like St Petersburg.

1. Toronto-24th

Toronto tops this list, being ranked 24th globally. With a population of approximately 6.9 million, Toronto is remarkable for its economic growth, driven by high immigration rates and global investments. Additionally, the city is associated with many skilled laborers, partially attributed to the fact that it ranks among the top 20 cities in the world with the most educated individuals.

Allowing immigration of qualified persons has steered Toronto’s economy, which is already a host to about 500 head offices. Despite boasting all these qualities, this position is a drop from last year, where it featured in 18th place.

2. Montreal-57th

In second place is Montreal. Covid-19 unveiled the underfunded health system of Montreal, despite its ranking at position 12 in terms of income inequality. Montreal boasts a rich culture ranked 22nd globally, as well as significant innovations placing it 25th globally.

3. Calgary- 65th

Calgary is featured as Canada’s most prominent business hub, with an oil industry that heavily drives entrepreneurship. Its GDP ranks 22nd globally. The city is slowly recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, which saw an increase in unemployment, the highest in Canada.

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