5. Quebec City
Thanks to Francophiles and European history, Quebec City qualifies as one of the oldest cities in North America. As you take a cruise in St. Lawrence River, you will marvel at the city’s beauty. Cobblestone boulevards of the Old City is a perfect place for hikers who have already heard about Samuel de Champlain sites such as Citadel and the Place-Royale. Be ready to lodge at Chateau Frontenac at any time of day or night.

6. Toronto
Being the capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the planet. With old sites such as Chinatown, Little India, and Little Italy, you will get to meet people from diverse origins in the same place. If you have heard about the renowned CN Tower and the children’s story castle of Casa Loma, then it is a great time to see for yourself. Summarize your vacation at the Toronto Islands and enjoy the beaches and open-air exercises.


7. Montreal
Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada that portrays the old-world charm, thanks to its spectacular buildings and horse-drawn features. It is mainly occupied by Canadian-French speaking group who are affiliated to major cities in Europe such as Paris and France. Get ready to explore the underground city to experience Montreal’s sights, including the Olympic Tower and other magnificent structure of the old city.

8. Niagara Falls, Ontario
Being Ontario’s and the US’ New York unifying factor, three of Niagara Waterfalls form a major tourist destination. Take a trip to the numerous attractions including casinos, wineries, luxurious hotels keepsake chops, and Guinness World Records Museum. Do not forget to visit the iconic Queen Victoria Park.

9. Banff National Park
Did you know that Banff is Canada’s first national park? It is a perfect tourist destination for the entire family, thanks to the broad range of wildlife and eye-appealing views. The great safari expedition will allow you to see wild animals such as moose, wolves, black bears, and many others.


10. Vancouver
Nature and beach lovers that have always wanted to explore the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains of British Columbia can breathe a sigh of relief as soon as they land in Vancouver City. The city boasts scenic parks and astounding snow-capped mountains any hiker can visit. Visit Stanley Park, which is home to massive forest features. Conclude your visit to Granville Island and Chinatown to get the keepsake shops experience.

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