Good news to all potential Canadian citizens following the announcement by Quebec Province that there will be giving about 42,000 new permanent residents in the year 2019. They made it clear that they will be issuing 24,800 certificates in the coming New Year’s Eve.

This will act as a New Year present to all those people who have wanted to Live and work in Canada. Over 59% of these new admissions will be through programs such as QSW, which are economic immigration programs.

According to immigration plans for the year 2019, the province aims to offer admission certificates to at least 40,000 immigrants. QEIP will be absorbing 23,450 individuals. Among this number, they require 19,500 to be skilled workers who can give back to society. The skilled workers will include doctors, engineers, and teachers just to mention a few.

The other category will include business immigration programs. This integrates QIIP, QEP, and QSEWP (Quebec Immigrants Investor Programs, Quebec Entrepreneur Program, and Quebec Self-Employed Program respectively). The group will be targeting 3,200 individuals. According to immigration experts, this move will have a positive impact on the province and the country’s economy.

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