Canada is a country founded by immigrants. Immigration has always been pivotal to Canada’s economic success. In fact, Canada has the highest per capita rate of immigration in the world.

For many generations, immigration has been the backbone of Canadian success, turning the country into an explosion of color and diversity that interacts and melds together to give way to a nation that is as diverse as it is large.

Canada not only welcomes immigrants, it also encourages them to stay, to make a living and become a part of that enormous tapestry of nations who have come together under the maple leaf flag.

No matter your origin, the color of your skin, or the religion you practice, in Canada you will come to find the traditions of old flourishing as they interlace with new ones created by the finely knit weave of a colorful mosaic created by the encounter of different cultures under the same sky.

The future smiles upon Canada, as it opens its arms to welcome all those who wish to enter a place where talent and hard work are compensated by citizenship in what has come to be known as the most welcoming country in the world.