According to CIC News, a director will be assigned to each province’s immigration nominee program to evaluate the score of each participant. The score will be calculated based on the applicant’s background training and experience in the specific field. The one with the highest points will get an automatic invite into the job market. Still, a vacant position may be considered for the first 2 runner-ups, if there are any.
Interestingly, Quebec is the only province that may go against the Expression of Interest (EOI) regulations that cross-examine the applications from immigrants. There may be instances where the first-come-first-served screening process might not apply to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Instead, they may use the new online-first initiative to attract pool candidates and expose them to better opportunities as soon as they qualify.

So what next after the search for talent?
Another suggestion organizers came up with is to include specific technical jobs that attract fewer applicants by creating a sub visa stream after the search for IT talent is over. Once the technology talent immigration team has been thoroughly scrutinized, they will need to be precise on the aims, goals, and niche to meet. Therefore, applicants are advised to include all the details about the requirements and guidelines to avoid bias in selection.

Now that Canadian recruiters are becoming interested in foreign workers, there is a need to explore all options to ensure they get the best. According to research conducted by the Information and Communications Technology, at least 182,000 lucrative Canadian technology-based jobs are likely to attract a pool of applicants by 2019.
In as much as some prominent entrepreneurs don’t agree with Canadian’s immigration policies, most applicants remain hopeful that their requests will be met. Fortunately for them, the department has made the amendments to accommodate them despite the fierce competition. They can only remain hopeful that they will qualify for the specific jobs they have applied for.

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