The Canadian work permit is a blessing for all job seekers dreaming to pursue opportunities in Canada.

The prerequisite to the application process necessitates the cooperation of employee and employer to appeal to the government, as it is required of the employer to solicit the permission of the Canadian Government to hire outside the country. It is only after permission has been granted that the aspirant may apply for his or her Temporary Work Permit.

The Temporary Work Permit is a mandatory authorization for almost all individuals who have received job offers from Canadian employers and seek to work here.

It can be issued for a specified period of time, ranging from a few days to a few years depending on the requirement of the individual and his or her employer.

The Work Permit is considered to be legitimate for only as long as the employee is working the job that the Permit is tied to. If he or she finds other employment, and has not, as of yet, attained permanent resident status, then he or she must apply for a new Work Permit in order to perform another job.


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