The Tech Talent Strategy was officially confirmed to have been launched in Canada in June. The main goal of the plan, labelled Tech Talent Strategy, was to promote Canada as an attractive location for digital nomads. For starters, a person who is able to carry out their professional responsibilities remotely from any location in the world is known as a “digital nomad.”
A digital nomad needs just visitor status in order to migrate to Canada for up to six months at a time in order to continue working remotely for a company located outside of Canada. This is possible because of the existing immigration restrictions in place in Canada.

It has been announced by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that in the upcoming months, they will work together with partners from both the public and private sectors to assess whether or not it would be desirable to implement further policies to attract digital nomads.

The IRCC is anticipating that some digital nomads who first come to Canada with the intention of working remotely would ultimately decide to look for jobs with Canadian businesses. If they are fortunate enough to acquire a job offer from a Canadian company, they may be able to bring their talents to a Canadian employer by submitting an application for a temporary work permit or even for permanent residence in Canada.

How does one go about submitting an application?

The government of Canada has not disclosed a great deal of information regarding the application procedure. However, in order to relocate to Canada for up to six months, these digital nomads just require visitor status, therefore in order for them to do so, they simply need to enter the nation as visitors.

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