• Investor Relations

You can get a whiff of the corporate world even before you graduate. Employers appreciate the young and dynamic energy of students and this has made it a popular job option. Best part is that you get to meet some really influential people, enjoy power lunches and attend conferences that could really help and enhance your networking.

  • Babysitting

Babysitters and nannies are always high in demand. You can also opt to live with a host family if you are on a long break from school or do it part time; it pays well and is a low stress job!

  • Tutor

If you are academically strong and have a passion for education, tutoring other college students could be the perfect option for you. It’s not very popular but it pays well and if you have an interest, why not?

  • Dog Walker

Spend time with furry pooches, walk in the park and meet other four legged adorable dogs. Become a dog walker and get paid for it. What could be better than walking around with a dog and getting paid for it!

Whether it’s a semester break or a long summer break, getting a job will get you a little experience as well as money- make the most of it!

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