They chose to develop these communities by expanding on programs and resources immigrants would need to show them why they should stay in Canada. It started with ensuring that the job market in each community was desirable to immigrants. The government wanted to show them that they and their spouses could get jobs that would match the skills they already have. As a result, it was possible for a growing number of immigrants to call Canada their home.

Once they showed immigrants they could make a living it was time to provide these people with affordable housing too. Combined with easily accessible public transportation, and access to medicine, schools and more, this was all many immigrants needed to make them feel welcome in the country.

Ethnic groups were created to further welcome immigrants into Canada. These groups were religion and nationality-based, so immigrants would feel a sense of community and want to put down roots for themselves. After jobs and housing, this was the priority when it came to regionalizing cities.

With the creation of 500 + organizations, immigrants to Canada are able to learn the local language and navigate important necessities such as establishing their own bank accounts.

Growing the population of the country continues to be an ongoing priority in Canada. By working to offer what immigrants need and want the most, Canada was able to populate cities that were previously lacking in residents. They are set to continue these efforts for as long as it takes. Immigrants can move to the country knowing that they can build a life for themselves there.

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