What Are the Disadvantages of Having a Survival Job?

Even though a survival job seems like a viable option after you arrive in Canada, it’s not always the smartest choice. It might help you to sustain yourself financially in the beginning, but it can also waste a lot of your time as well as drain out your energy and zest for life. Remember, the longer you stay in a survival job, the more difficult it will be to find a job in your profession.

Survival jobs can also do severe damage to the work experience part of your resume. After all, no employee wants to see that you started off as a successful engineer or accountant but worked a low-paying job at Walmart for 2 years straight after. Survival jobs are very easy and require very little brain power, which makes it even easier to get stuck in. Many people give up on their search for professional employment after a year of working in a survival job.

What’s the Pay Like?

It’s really seldom that a person decides to choose a survival job out of passion. Most of the time, people do it for the money. And in your case, you’re probably considering doing it for the money too. But how much can you actually earn from a survival job?

Survival jobs usually offer an annual income of about $30k to $50k per year. If you’re planning to save up for a down payment to buy a house in Canada, these earnings will definitely not suffice. And it will most definitely not be enough if you wish to live in busy cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Your salary will barely even cover your basic rent.

Survival jobs may be okay for paying some bills here and there, but it shouldn’t be a permanent position for you. On top of that, the Covid-19 pandemic has made the availability of these jobs extremely low. The entertainment sector is suffering, so getting a job in your profession would be your best bet.

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