Candidates can increase their chances of meeting qualifications by providing as many proofs as possible. They must provide documents that show eligibility and qualification. If, for example, a candidate claims to have a university degree, they must attach a copy as proof. All documents should be in English or French.

A specified number of profiles with the highest profiles receive invites for provincial nomination through draws for both sub-categories. It is, therefore, important for candidates to try and earn as many points as possible to increase their chances of getting the invites.

Who Isn’t Allowed to Apply Though the Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category?

Some groups of people are not allowed o apply under the Express Entry subcategory. They include the following;

  • Those who are claiming refugee status from the Canadian government
  • Those who haven’t been accepted into the Express Entry pool

You may not qualify for nomination by the SINP if;

  • You have not provided the required documentation
  • You have intentionally lied or misrepresented yourself in your application
  • You are unable to prove your intent to live and work in the province.

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