Year – Admissions

1996 – 233

2007 – 724

2018 – 55,000

2021- 71,300

PNP Reshapes the Canadian Settlement Patterns

PNP is known of helping in the alteration of settlement patterns from the largest cities in Canada that have attracted the vast for most new people in Canada. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are the provinces that have the Express Entry, which is a linked program for the nominee. This program has been active in 2018.

The IRCC reported 34% by the year 2017 of the economic immigrants who arrived in Canada in the same year. They were destined in the provinces where Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are located as compared to 1997 where it was at 10%. A new report identifies similarities in the trend of the statistics of Canada. Additionally, the most economic immigrants were found to continue living where they first settled despite the size of the cities.

According to the study, the decision of the EPAs (Economic principle applicants) concerning the initial location will determine or predict their locations in years to come. Only 11% of these categories of immigrants move to or move out of their initial residence.

The candidates with the Express Entry should be enlightened about Canada’s various programs (provincial nominees programs) due to the rise of star status in the immigration strategy. This was stated by David Cohen who is a senior partner with a known Canadian law firm in Montreal. The big cities’ allure should not obscure great offers offered by provinces like Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

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