Almost all countries have been affected by the coronavirus. In this regard, Canada is doing its best to contain the spread of the virus by not allowing foreign nationals to apply for temporary visas such as study permits, work permits and work visas through flagpoling. While this isn’t permanent, it is still affecting most people, especially those who want to visit the country.

What is Flagpoling

This is one of the most preferred methods to get a study permit approved in Canada. Flagpoling is a process where temporary residents of the country cross the Canadian border, then to the US border and enters the US briefly, then turn around back to Canada then apply for a visa at the port of entry.

Bypassing Processing Times

When you submit a visa application to the consulate or any visa office, expect a longer processing time. It will be really lengthy, also depending on the type of visa that you are applying for and where you have submitted your application.

With the flagpoling process, your visa application is usually processed right on the spot. That means that you will typically know the result of your visa application on the same day. This is highly preferred as it’s fast and also easier than the other methods of visa applications.

Since flagpoling is no longer the best option and even no longer possible now, it’s imperative that all visa applicants carefully fill out the application correctly. Make it a priority to really do it right the first time. Otherwise, it may take longer to get a response. Imagine how a waste of time it would be if you submitted an incorrect form or have missed out on something in the application. If time is an issue, you have to really be extra careful with your visa application. Make sure you fill out everything that needs to be filled out. And always provide the correct information. Double check if all information is correct.

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