While the economic category isn’t the only one to consider, it’s the one that has bagged the most immigration slots. Well, about 33,900 expected arrivals will immigrate through the economic category, accounting for almost half of the total immigrants expected. Here, approximately 28,800 of the admissions will be skilled workers. That means immigrants looking to settle in Quebec in 2022 have a higher chance of doing so with a skill to their name, and it certainly would help to have work experience for your occupation. And if you’re looking to conduct business in the province, you can be lucky enough to secure one of the 4,300 business immigrant slots for the self-employed, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Make a quick calculation, and you’ll find about 18,600 remaining spots for new immigrants. You can also gain permanent Quebec residency through refugee or family reunification programs, whereby you can apply for refugee status or join your family in the province.

Each year, the Quebec Immigration Department provides the numbers of immigrants it hopes to admit the following year, including the categories immigrants can apply. With the information at hand, it’s easy for people to apply for immigration residency. Note that Quebec is the only Canadian province with the freedom to set its immigration admission targets, thanks to its agreement with the federal government in 1991. The beauty of that is that it can choose to increase admissions as the years pass by (2022 numbers are way higher than the previous two years!) That means you probably have a higher chance of gaining Canadian residency through immigration. And it doesn’t stop in 2022. If you aren’t lucky enough to gain citizenship, there’s a silver lining in the fact that the province intends to increase its immigration targets each year.

Quebec has a special place for immigrants. Its efforts towards facilitating swift integration into the society certainly help. What’s more? The Quebec government increased the number of foreign workers that businesses can hire. Nothing is stopping you from trying out your luck and gaining an immigration residency!

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