Quebec began 2022 with a low unemployment rate and a plenty of job openings. Quebec’s provincial and federal administrations have proposed a variety of initiatives to solve labor market shortages and to assist immigration.

Quebec’s job market was already in disarray prior to the coronavirus outbreak. The public health measures established in response to the pandemic have merely exacerbated existing problems.

According to Mia Homsy, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institut du Québec, Quebec started 2022 with one of the lowest unemployment rates in decades and a record number of job openings.

According to Mia, with a shrinking pool of available workers and a significant decline in labor market participation among individuals who are 55 and older, unless businesses, unions, schools, and governments embrace a significant shift in their approach to human resource management, the shortage of workers will undoubtedly be the most significant impediment to recovery.

Labor Market Shortages to Worsen in 2022

As employees reach retirement age – despite low unemployment and many job possibilities – Quebec’s aging population will continue to impact the labor supply. Given that some workers (particularly those aged 55 and above) have yet to return to work, convincing early retirees to do so will be tough.
Not to mention the continuous recruiting difficulties in the hospitality, food service, and retail sectors, which have forced workers to reassess their old business structures.

Jobs that do not allow for remote or hybrid work may become less enticing to prospective employers. Employers who are having difficulty recruiting new staff may need to relax their hiring criteria, particularly those pertaining to academic credentials. Thus, businesses and employers will be able to concentrate their efforts on professional growth and in-house training in order to preserve competitiveness.

Along with applicants who currently struggle with digital literacy, Quebec will require candidates with enhanced reading comprehension, writing, and complicated problem-solving abilities.

Healthcare, social support, educational services, information technology, and construction are among high-demand sectors in Quebec.

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