The first invitations for candidates to apply for immigration to Quebec via the Arrima Portal, that first started operating in September 2018, have been issued by the province’s Immigration Ministry. Priority will be given to various groups; including the 16,000 individuals who had previously applied in the summer but were not successful. According to the Government of Quebec, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program candidates who will be considered are those who fit in the following three categories.

Candidates whose application for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) was dismissed on June 16, 2019; while they were either studying or working in the province.
Candidates whose application for a CSQ ended on June 16, 2019, and then, they were temporary residents in the region.
Candidates who have received a valid job offer from a credible employer in Quebec.
The Government further stated that by January 16, 2020, those who belong to the first two groups mentioned above will have received their invitations to apply for a CSQ. Even though, they must have submitted their expression of interest before December 16, 2019.

Apart from the previous applicants for the CSQ being told to submit fresh applications, other changes were introduced to the immigration systems in Quebec and Canada. These were:

A Decrease in Days Given to Submit Applications

Using the Arrima Portal, applicants applying for immigration to Quebec were given 60 days to hand in their applications for a CSQ. This was a reduction from the 90 days that were given before. This change was also mirrored in the state’s Express Entry system

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