The Prince Edward’s Island PNP, however, does not have a breakdown of the number of EE candidates who received invitations. Also, there’s no information on the minimum Expression of Interest Score that was needed.
Likewise, Prince Edward Island did not release the figures of the candidates who participated in the Labor Impact category or even those who participated in the 16th January draw.

The labor impact category is normally for foreigners who have a job offer in Prince Edward Island. This offer of employment must be valid, and similarly, these also have the support of the specific employer.
The labor impact category is then divided into three subcategories. These are; skilled workers, International graduates, and Critical Worker.

For any candidate to qualify for a provincial nomination, they must submit an Expression of Interest profile in the Labor Impact category.
There were also thirteen invitations to other applicants who have Expression of Interest profile in Prince Edward Island’s Business Impact category under work permit class. The number of invitees in this category scored 125 under the Expression of Interest.

The work permit class usually is for individuals with interest in owning a business and operating it in Prince Edward Island. Therefore for those candidates interested in setting up a business in Prince Edward, this is the right category to submit an expression of interest.

The successful candidates who got their nominations on 16th January 2020 have only 60 days to send an application of Prince Edwards Island Provincial nomination. There is also a non-refundable fee of CAD 300, which they must pay as the processing fee.

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