On the 9th of January, Express Entry Candidates received invitations for the applications for a provincial nomination from Alberta. Candidates in the federal Express Entry Pool were issued with 150 calls, or Notifications of Interest, commonly known as NOIs from Alberta.

The draws that are conducted through the provincial immigration streams designed to work hand in hand with the Express Entry system commonly invite those candidates that have lower CRS scores. The lowest-ranked candidates are also invited to in an all-program Express Entry draw. The federal government only invites candidates that are ranked as the highest in the Express Entry pool to apply for permanent residency.

Those candidates that have the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and scored at least 350 were given the Notifications of Interest. A provincial nomination result with an additional of 600 CRS points effectively guarantees a candidate an invitation for an application in a subsequent federal Express Entry draw.

The Express Entry Stream from Alberta gives the Alberta Immigrants Nominee Program (AINP) the chance to select or nominate all the eligible candidates whose profiles are found in the federal Express Entry system.

The system works in a manner that, all Express Entry candidates are supplied with a ranking score, which is usually determined by human capital factors. Some of these human capital factors include their work experience, age, English and French proficiency, their level of education, among other factors.

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