This year, the Human Capital Priorities Stream, has been used to address targeted labour needs in Ontario’s Information and technology sector.
Additionally, the OINP did not explain the positive impact that increased allocation would have to the proposed Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot that is yet to be launch in early 2020. This project will center on attracting immigrants to smaller communities in Ontario.


What Feds Say about New Pilots

Mathieu Genest, Mendicino’s press secretary, released a statement indicating that collaboration is key to the IRCC’s approach to the immigration levels planning, which allows for 27,000 extra admissions through the Provincial Nominee Program in the coming years.

Feds understand that participating territories and provinces play a crucial role to attract and retain immigrants to help grow the economy. Genest said that they have consulted with the participating provinces and territories, ensuring that the levels plan matches their requirements to address the labour shortages and attract the needed foreign talent.

To bring in more immigrants to the rural and remote communities of the province and other western territories and provinces, Mathieu Genest backed the proposed Municipal Nominee Program for smaller municipalities and a new federal immigration pilot.

Provinces Pushing for a Greater Immigration Control

The province’s push for new immigration powers follows the recent overtures from the Government of Saskatchewan, which has a population target of 1.4 million residents by 2030, for more control over immigration to Ontario. Saskatchewan plans for economic growth that could create about 100,000 jobs over that period.

Increased number of immigrants would help achieve these goals. Jeremy Harrison, the province’s Immigration Minister, has also written to Mendicino, requesting for formal negotiations.

It is worth noting that as per now, Quebec is the only province that has had a successful negotiation with the federal government over a greater degree of control over immigration.

The Canada-Quebec Accord granted it full control over the selection of the Economic-Class immigrants in 1991

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