One of the biggest desires of a person is to travel or settle somewhere whether for business or relocation and Canada is one target for immigrants. You can now apply online as a Canadian Citizen through the online citizenship application portal which is now available but for people who have representatives. However, for this process to be effective, representatives should not apply on anyone’s behalf, until probably next year.

Since November 30th, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) only extended the online application form applicants who have valid representatives. Moreover, IRCC sets some rules which should be followed by every applicant. Among these rules are;

  • Applicants should complete, sign, write the date
  • Every application should be submitted by applicants themselves
  • Applicants should not share their account process or passwords with anybody including representatives.
  • Although representatives cannot apply on behalf of the applicants, they can advise on how to complete the communication
  • Applicants should communicate to IRCC only through the representatives, but after the application has been submitted.

Why Online Application?

The online application has been made possible as it will modernize the citizenship application system. Besides, this process also enables single applicants to successfully apply for citizenship since August. Until recently, Canada has now started accepting proof of citizenship application documents that prove that Canadian foreign children born have the right of citizenship.

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