Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate has to make a visit to the community and explore it
  • They have to create employment for at least one Canadian citizen
  • They have to own at least 51% of the business
  • The candidate must have at least $100, 000 worth of business investment
  • The candidate must have at least three years of experience of being a business owner or manager. They may also have four or more years’ experience acting as a senior manager within the past five years.
  • They must have a net worth of at least $300, 000

If a candidate meets the criteria, they will be given a score based on their qualification. The most highly qualified ones are invited to submit their full application.

The Timeline

The Entrepreneur Regional Pilot from BC PNP is expected to be delivered for two years. It will be monitored to establish its capacity and impact on the local communities. After the completion of the two years, an assessment will continue to ensure that there is continued integrity from both the local communities and BC PNP. On December 6, 2018, BC PNP hosted a session to provide the local communities with information about the program and how to enroll.

If it is successful, the Regional Pilot will promote balanced prosperity in all parts of the province. It will help to create opportunities for young people and to improve the local economies. The BC PNP is responsible for setting the limit for the number of referrals given to each communit

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