The community that will get selected to undertake the pilot test must showcase the following things:

  • The community must involve itself in activities that will facilitate the attraction of the immigrants into their region.
  • The available jobs vary in terms of experience level and qualifications. The community must strive to match the immigrants to the available jobs.
  • The community must work towards the creation of a conducive environment that will let the immigrants feel welcomed to the community
  • The community must participate actively in linking the immigrants to the established members of the community and the settlement services.

The application process

Any community willing to participate in the pilot test must submit their application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Department in Canada. A community Interest form is provided and should include the following documents:

  • The letter of support from the community leader
  • A filled community interest form
  • A three-year economic development plan
  • The letter of support from a local or regional immigrant-serving organization.

The labor shortages faced by the communities in the Northern Columbia region spans in many sectors of the economy such as hospitality, mining, agriculture, and health care sectors among others. The head of the Northern Development Initiative Trust Mr. Joel McKay said that the community members must create an enabling environment for the immigrants to settle in their communities and fill those job openings.

McKay also stated that the communities should invest in the social amenities that are lacking in their respective regions. He said that the investment would spur economic development in the regions while creating a useful connection between the local people and the immigrants.

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