Finding a job in Ontario has now become easier for internationals and locals as t+he Ontario province removes Canadian work experience as a qualification. It is a process that starts with having the right qualifications and checking for job postings and advertisements.

You need to go through the advertisements and job postings to find one that fits your profession and career. Fortunately, you can compare the salaries the labour market in Ontario offers to national averages before applying for a job. If the salary for the work you are interested in does not attract you because it’s lower than the national average salary, continue with the job hunting process until you get one.

According to CIC News, the following guidelines can help you as an international and local student or newcomer in the job market, especially if you have no experience.

Having In-demand Skills in Ontario

If you are a newcomer without a career path and would want to start one, you need skills that can help you transition and fit in the Job market. Having in-demand skills can be an added advantage that can help you find work in Ontario. Jobs in need of high-demand skills are many that the available employees cannot meet, leaving a gap in the Ontario job market. The skills are an immigration stream that helps you as a foreign employee to get permanent residency in the province.

Once you get residency, thanks to high-demand skills, Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program uses the information to nominate the best candidate for the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to represent foreigners in the province.

Most provinces in Canada use the same process to find IRCC nominees, except Quebec and Nunavut, which use the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). With this in mind, as a newcomer in Canada, you need in-demand skills to help you get a job in Ontario and later get permanent residency. Besides, the skills can shape your dream of having a career path in the country.

Get Accreditation

If you lack high-demand skills to get a job in Ontario, you can get accredited or licensed in your field or profession. Being accredited and licensed to work as an expert or professional in what you love can work better for you because Ontario employers require accreditation to work in regulated professions.

Even though they don’t ask for Canadian work experience, employers request accreditation or licence to work as professionals or experts before they can employ you in Ontario.

Accreditation in a profession makes you reliable and assures your employers that you can use your foreign training to perform simple to complex tasks according to Canadian standards and regulations. You can get accredited by a Canadian-recognized organization before flying to Canada to look for a job.

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