The express entry and PNP draws have been held frequently since March 2020. More to that, if you are living in Canada as a CEC and PNP beneficiary, you can easily apply for the permanent residency faster than an express candidate who is abroad. The advantage is because of the disruptions of travel policies with COVID-19.

With the IRCC issuing resumption of the invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency, it will be an easy process. Additionally, if you are a candidate under the Federal Skilled Worker Program with Express Entry, you have the advantage of finishing the permanent residency process. And here’s why- if you are currently living in Canada, it will be easier for you. The same applies to CEC and PNP beneficiaries who are also in Canada.

Most importantly- the numbers will increase significantly! The limitless opportunities that Canada offers to immigrants will have a resumption of all immigration programs like the express entry. Therefore, the IRCC is working on admitting more beneficiaries in Canada in 2020 and the start of 2021. Why not complete your application sooner?

What’s more, many immigrants choose to complete and residency processes during the summer season. Therefore, you can become part of the amazing statistics that will see Canada’s immigration levels rise steadily in the future months.

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