Large and petite organizations industries all over Canada are going through a tough time to find and keep employees. In fact, an international HR services company – Hewitt Associates – has discovered the above information through a survey.

The survey showed that, among 232 employers, a majority of them are paying attention to flexibility to get rid of the problem.

Who’s Facing What Issue?

Almost 3 quarters of Canadian companies are facing challenges in hiring or keeping employees. Around 44% of these companies possess both the problems.

The condition is worst in Alberta as 97% of respondents there were having problems. Nearly two-thirds stated that both finding and keeping employees were difficult. Moreover, the current workforce is quite aged as half of it is above 40. Thus, the problem can further enhance.

Expert Opinions

A senior benefits consultant in Hewitt’s Calgary office, Cathy Course, stated that Canadian employers recognize that they will be encountering labour shortages soon. In fact, organizations in Alberta are currently going through massive shortages.

That is why Hewitt Associates are aiding HR professionals across the nation to find fresh ways to implement company policies and standards to attract employees in a cutthroat setting.

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