The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada conducted the second Express Entry draw of March, issuing 975 invitations to apply (ITAs) in the process. The category-based draw was exclusive to candidates in the transport occupations and became the first transport occupations draw of 2024 and the third overall in the field. Candidates required a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 430.

On March 12, the IRCC conducted a general draw targeting workers in various fields. The draw saw the IRCC issue 2,850 ITAs, focusing on candidates from the three Express Entry managed immigration programs. Eligible candidates required a minimum score of 525, 9 points less than the previous draw held on February 28 and the lowest score for general draws in 2024. The eligible transport occupations in the latest draw included the following:

  • Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors
  • Transport truck drivers
  • Railway traffic controllers
  • Railway carmen and women
  • Marine traffic regulators
  • Water transport engineer officers and deck officers
  • Air traffic controllers and pilots
  • Flight engineers and flying instructors
  • Aircraft mechanics and inspectors
  • Transportation managers

IRCC Issued 16,110 ITAs in February

The IRCC completed six draws in February, inviting 16,110 candidates. The month opened and closed with category-based draws for candidates with strong proficiency in the French language. February 1 began with 7,000 invitations and a minimum CRS score of 365 and closed on February 29 with 2,500 invitations and a minimum score of 336. The last draw of the month also featured the lowest CRS score of all draws made in 2024.

Two category-based draws took place on February 14 and 16, with the first involving 3,500 ITAs for candidates in healthcare occupations and a minimum CRS score of 422. The February 16 draw involved 150 candidates in the agriculture and agri-food occupations with a minimum CRS score of 437. Two general Express Entry draws were also held on February 13 and 28, with the first involving 1,490 ITAs and a minimum score of 535 and the second involving 1,470 candidates with a minimum score of 534.

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