The low PR numbers in July are because of coronavirus-related disruptions. Social gatherings and traveling remain limited in and out of the country, with only essential flights allowed into the country. That has been the case since March 18. That said, PR immigrants who received their COPR approvals on or before that date may not be able to get into the country to complete their permanent resident application process.

Canada’s Top Immigrant-Generating Countries

Canada has welcomed immigrants from a range of countries. The top source nations include the following. Immigrant numbers for each country are as shown below.

3195 from India

870 from China

865 from Philippines

640 from Pakistan

555 from Nigeria

525 from Morocco

405 from Iran

405 from United States of America

335 from Algeria

290 from France

245 from Syria

225 from Egypt

225 from United Kingdom

220 from Cameroon

205 from South Korea

Canada’s Immigration Status Quo

The country continues to welcome immigrants by processing PR applications even during the pandemic.

The Express Entry class is the country’s flagship immigration program managing economic class foreigners. Since March, foreign workers have been coming into Canada twice a week.

Every year, the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) increases its invitation to apply (ITAs) offering. In the last EE draw, that occurred on September 2, 69,950 ITAs were sent out as compared to 56,200 the same time last year.

Canada remains committed to meet its 2020-2022 immigration goals, which also includes the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

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