Planning to immigrate causes turmoil, especially when you do not know where you want to settle. Many immigrants, however, choose to immigrate to Nova Scotia because of its convenience. Nova Scotia is among Canada’s Maritime Provinces that is located on the East Coast. Besides, Nova Scotia is characterized by seascapes, rocky landscapes and a beautiful wilderness. Besides these characteristics, this province has ease of access because of the strategies put in place by the Federal government to ensure a smooth immigration process.

Why is Nova Scotia a Preferred Destination?

Since the discovery of Nova Scotia, its economy has been largely based on the abundance of natural resources; ever since, Nova Traditionally, Nova Scotia’s economy was based on its abundant natural resources, mainly fisheries. Although the economy has diversified into trading, tourism in the capital of Halifax, and new technologies, fishing is still the backbone of the resources in the province.

Moreover, Nova Scotia heavily relies on immigration, particularly because of the demographic crisis contributed by the low birth rate and a high ageing population. The efforts to bring more immigrants into the country have become successful, increasing population growth. Approximately by July 2021, Nova Scotia’s population was at 992 055, attributed to an increase in immigration in a reported issue by the government. Besides, recent polls show that Atlantic Canadians like Nova Scotians are the most accommodative when it comes to immigration, surpassing the national level.

How do I immigrate to Nova Scotia?

There are two main economic immigration pathways in Canada that you can use to immigrate to Nova Scotia.

  • The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Express Entry

Express Entry

This pathway uses a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in which the points are accumulated according to human factors like language proficiency, education and age. Even though immigrants using this pathway do not necessarily have to have a job offer, having a job offer adds 600 points, increasing your chances of being invited to live in Canada permanently.

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